Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bibliography for: "Kishimoto, Masashi. The art of Naruto; Uzumaki"

KISHIMOTO, Masashi. The art of Naruto; Uzumaki. Viz. 148p. illus, c2007 978-1421514079. $19.99. (hardcover) JS

This volume contains 75 full-color images from Naruto, the popular manga series that totals 27 volumes (with more on the way). A brightly lit Naruto appears on the front cover; his rival Sasuke graces the back cover clad in dark, somber colors. Most of the images are from the magazine Shonen Jump; some manga covers are included. Each image includes a short annotation by Kishimoto, Naruto's creator; these are located at the back of the book and include a small portrait as well as the page number where the larger, full-page image can be found (there are several two-page images, also). These annotations are non-technical and detail the image's back-story and what the author thinks of the final result. There is also a guide to how Kishimoto draws Naruto, which includes the various pens, pencils and markers used, as well as a short interview (which I would have liked to be longer).

If Naruto is popular at your library, The Art of Naruto is definitely worth purchasing. Most of the images are Shonen Jump and manga covers, so the characters pose a lot. Many Naruto regulars make appearances here, including Sakura, Jiraiya, Gamabuntu, Gaara, Kakashi with his Ninja dogs, and Orochimaru. If you know who Gamabunta is you should either purchase this volume for yourself or see a doctor. The Art of Naruto contains imagery that may be frightening to very small children. Highly recommended for libraries where Naruto is popular. George Galuschak YA Libn., Montvale PL, Montvale, NJ

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