Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How to draw naruto?

  1. Step1

    Draw the head of Naruto with a circle. Attach a triangular shape to the bottom of the head to create the chin. Draw the guideline for the face across the circle and chin. Do this by drawing a vertical line down the center of the face. Draw a horizontal line across the middle of the face. Draw the chest with a large cylinder. Attach a circle on the upper left and right corners of the chest to create the shoulder guidelines. Add the upper arm guidelines with a straight line.

  2. Step2

    Draw the headband of Naruto with a rectangular shape across the top section of his head. Add the eyes on the horizontal guideline with two oval shapes that come to a slight point on the inside corner. Add a circle within a circle to the center of each eye to create the iris and pupils. Add the nose with an "L" shape below the eyes. Add a curved line to the right of the "L" shape to show one of Naruto's nostrils. Draw the mouth with a slightly curved line just below the nose. Create the neck with two curved lines coming from the bottom left and right side of his face and connecting to the top of his shoulders.

  3. Step3

    Create the spiked hair of Naruto with triangular shapes around the top of his head. Add Naruto's characteristic facial scars with three small, diagonal lines on each side of his face. Add the insignia to this headband with a rectangular shape. Inside this shape draw a small spiral and attach a triangle to he bottom left corner of the spiral. Attach a diagonal line to the upper right corner of the spiral. Draw the excess headband material flowing from behind Naruto's head by drawing two bands that curve out from the left side of this face and down to his chest. Draw the turtleneck-style overshirt with a rectangle across the bottom half of his neck.

  4. Step4

    Erase all of the overlapping guidelines on the drawing of Naruto. Ink the entire illustration with a black ink pen. Let the ink dry and erase your pencil strokes.

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